192.168.l.l Router Admin login IP address used for the multi-brand Wireless router or ADSL Modems Default Gateway. Most of the users search on Google 192.168.l.l by mistake. 19216811 is the Common IP Address. Many more IP Address also working in different Wireless router like or IP. Admin

How to Configure router via IP

When you type in Browser address bar IP address. Then you can see all router option on your screen. But keep in mind type in Browser address bar, not in the search bar. When you Type correctly IP address then you can Adjust several options like LAN, WAN, DNS, PPPOE, MAC, NETWORK MANAGEMENT, WLAN SETTING, IP QOS, SECURITY OPTION AND ALSO DHCP client.

Here We also provide some and advance and popular Wireless Router and ADSL Brand names. you can also Find your Router in the list.

Company Names
Cisco Linksys Hawawi
TP-Link D-Link MT-Link
Netgare UBNT Asus
TRENDnet Synology

How You can login via 192.168.l.l IP address

  1. You can Just Type IP in your browser address bar. Many routers not getting 19216811 IP address, So you can Find your IP address with my given method Here.
  2. If you put correct it then browser shows you username and password option otherwise not.
  3. Sometimes you forgot your username and password. So Don’t Worry you can easily find password just follow me setup by setup below.

What can you do if you forget your wireless Router Username and Password?

  1. If you Forget your router Default username and password. So you can find them in the Router Back side Lable with the serial number or other info.
  2. Just for Example if you forget your changed password. So you can Reset your Wireless Router or Modem to factory default settings. Just find the small hidden reset button and push it for 10 Seconds using a small needle.

Also, Watch Video for Reset your Username and Password

I hope this tutorial useful for you. if you face any issue so you can ask me in Comments I will try to resolve your problem. © 2017